Scream (Amy)

Mike Dellosso
301 pages

Scream begins with Mark Stone talking on his cell phone with a friend, Jeff. The call is interrupted by what sounds like screaming and wailing on the line. It is heard by both parties but they just assume that it’s some type of interference. Then Mark hears the obvious sounds of a car accident and he is unable to raise Jeff on the phone. He makes his way to where Jeff was driving and finds that he was killed in a fiery crash.

Mark is shaken by the memory of the screams that he has heard and the fact that they happened right before his friend was killed but when the circumstances repeat themselves two more times in fairly rapid succession, Mark begins to understand what the screaming is about. He is being given a warning. He hears the screams when people are about to die.

Raised in a harsh and legalistic home, Mark hasn’t given much thought to his faith or what happens to a person after death since he left home. However, when he hears the screams while talking on the phone with his estranged wife, it all becomes very personal.

I have to admit that I was not sure that I would like this book. I haven’t typically liked some of the titles that I have read that have been “Christian Thrillers.” I’m not sure if it’s because of the genre or if I just didn’t click with the particular author.

Scream is a thriller in that it deals with both the supernatural and a real-world menace. On the one hand, there is the threat and the warning of the screams and on the other hand, there is a crazy man called The Judge who is abducting women. It’s suspenseful, it’s thought-provoking, I enjoyed the writing style and it kept me turning the pages.

While I typically prefer to point people to God’s mercy and grace when examining matters of faith, there is another side to the Gospel and it is clearly presented in Scream. Mike Dellosso did a wonderful job wrapping it in an engaging story. (4/5)

Footnote: I think it’s worth noting that this author is currently dealing with colon cancer and has written about it in the preface of Scream. I found his words eloquent and wanted to share an exerpt:

Now I think about death all the time. Cancer has a way of doing that, of reminding you of the frailty of your existence, the brevity of life. Of reminding you that we’re all just walking on a thing sheet of ice that can crack or break at any moment.

But thinking about death is a good thing. The wise king Solomon wrote, “We must all die, and everyone living should think about this. (See Ecclesiastes 7:2) Good advice. Thinking about death forces us to think about life, something most of us don’t do nearly enough. And thinking about life forces us to think about how we’re living our life, something all of us should do a lot more of. - Scream, preface pgs ix, x


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  1. Hi Amy, I found your review of my book during a Google search. Thanks for the positive comments and I’m so glad you enjoyed the story.


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